Idaho Supreme Court AHU Completed 8-30-16

We are proud to announce the completion of a three year project that we have been working on to replace the air handling unit at the court.  The air handler was approximately 86,000 cfm.  Although you can’t tell from the photos it was a very large project requiring great skill.  The project required to remove and replace the equipment in the basement, all while keeping the building operational/occupied during construction.





Chilled Water Piping

Chilled water piping for in row cooling units serving a sensitive data center with n+1 redundancy.15355 2-19-2016  (3)

Deep Water Cooling

Linked below is an article written by ASHRAE that discusses the major energy savings associated with deep water cooling.  This article looks at Cornell University where they were able to reduce their cooling energy use by 86%.  They utilized an inland lake, however similar technology is being developed for Honolulu with similar savings anticipated.  In addition to huge energy savings, the system life of mechanical equipment nearly triples, and on-going maintenance is reduced.

The system at Cornell University has been in operation for over 12 years, providing 16,000 tons of cooling, approximating to about 6,400,000 square feet of conditioned space.  The development in Honolulu is anticipated to be 25,000 tons.   What an awesome use of our natural resources in times of rising electricity costs!

Cornell University Deep Water Cooling

Honolulu Deep Water Cooling

Honolulu Brochure Link