Boise State University – Chemical Storage Room:  Piping and HVAC modifications to accommodate design changes of a chemical storage room.  A new exhaust system, VAV changes, acid waste relocation, water, and air piping relocation.
  Boise State University – Liberal Arts Cooling Tower: Retrofit a new evaporative cooling tower for the existing 130 ton chiller in the Liberal Arts Building previously utilizing well water for chiller heat rejection.  Including condenser water pumps, piping and control system modifications.
Boise State University – Update HVAC Controllers Multiple Buildings:  A campus wide update was done on many of the buildings to update and consolidate the existing HVAC Direct Digital Control system.  The goal of the
upgrade is to create a more centralized web-based control strategy for ease of monitoring, repair and maintenance.
Boise State University – Engineering Technology Building – New Chiller and Dry cooler for Process Cooling Loop:  Design for the replacement of an aging 9 ton chiller, and the design for installation of a new dry cooler.  The dry cooler provides cooling for the cooling loop during winter months, and existing chillers act as backup.  A built in 10 ton chiller redundancy loop in both winter and summer months for process cooling.
Boise State University – Fine Arts Art Gallery Remodel:  Conversion of a storage room to an art gallery display space.  A new roof top unit was added, structural analysis performed, electrical lighting improvements for art, and duct work modifications to the adjacent and gallery space to accommodate the new RTU.
BSU ERB Boise State University – Environmental Research Building (ERB): Engineering consulting and commissioning of the state of the art 70,000 SF Environmental Research Building.  Facility includes clean rooms, phoenix control laboratory systems, teaching and research spaces, geothermal retrofitting, and cold room laboratory specimen holding rooms.
BSU Honor’s College:  Mechanical HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Performance design for the new Honor’s College facility on the BSU campus.  It is 250,000sfwith dorms with 650 student beds, common spaces, kitchen space, offices, and classrooms.  The project was estimated to be $40 million.
BSU Kinesiology Boise State University – Kinesiology HVAC Retrofit & Feasibility Study: Investigative report on the existing mechanical, plumbing, and fire sprinkling systems in the BSU Kinesiology and Bronco Gym detailed options and recommendations for renovations over the next several years.
IMG_20130524_094230_745 Boise State University – Micron Engineering Complex, Laboratory Infrastructure Upgrades:  This project entailed a complete infrastructure upgrade to further the research activities at BSU. Conversion of eleven classrooms to full wet laboratories including Phoenix control systems, high plume induction exhaust systems, heat recovery systems, and upgrades to the AHUs. New fume hoods were installed along with a full snorkel system in each laboratory. The plumbing system upgrades included vacuum, gas, industrial hot and cold, and compressed air piping.
006 Boise State University Printing Shop Relocation Analysis: Review and engineering analysis of existing HVAC systems at existing in the building.  As part of this project Fulcher Engineering provided an analysis of the age of the equipment and capabilities as related to the proposed relocation of the building.  An opinion of probably cost of the modifications to be made to the HVAC systems was provided.
IMG_20130308_150124_705  Boise State University Kinesiology/ Bronco Gym Investigative Report:  An investigative report on the existing mechanical, plumbing and fire sprinkling systems in the Bronco Gym and Kinesiology Annex located at Boise State University. In general, the facilities are old and outdated and in need of renovation or replacement.  This report looked at various options and probable costs to update or replace aging systems.
20150109_164918 Boise State University Visualization Lab: Mechanical HVAC and plumbing design for the BSU Visualization Theater located in the Micron Engineering Complex on the BSU campus.  The project includes increased heat loads from the addition of many display monitors and computer equipment.  In addition, Boise State also wanted to add substantially more cooling to maintain future expandability and flexibility.
   Boise State University – Student Union Building Information Desk: Redesign of duct work layout for the new student information desk remodel.