idaho power Idaho Power Energy Incentives:  We have assisted many of our clients to obtain significant financial energy incentives for their commercial building projects through the Idaho Power Building Efficiency and Easy Upgrades program.  We can perform an investigation of your facility, perform energy modeling, suggest design measures for efficient lighting, cooling systems, controls, and building shells for new construction or renovation projects.  We help you through each step of the incentive process, performing calculations, providing equipment data and analysis, and completing all necessary paperwork.  Many of our design projects are done in parallel with the energy incentive programs.
IMG_3445 Wells Fargo Energy Audit – Elder Street: Performed energy audit and developed top priority system upgrades that have the quickest payback and reduces Well’s Fargo’s utility and maintenance budget. In addition to the report provided after the analysis, our team also provided services to coordinate with Idaho Power Incentive program.
IMG_3366 Scentsy Server Room  Cooling: Analysis to add a drycooler capable of providing cooling to the computer server room.  The project included reviewing existing conditions, energy calculations, coordination with Idaho Power Incentive program, sequence of operation and control schematics.  
oer audits Idaho Office of Energy Resources – K-12 School Energy Audits:  Fulcher Engineering team members performed audits on 3.8 million sf of school facilities across the state of Idaho. The project scope included setting up an audit plan and schedule, developing an innovative measure list, putting together construction costs, calculating energy savings for the school district to implement.
aceco Ace Co Precision Manufacturing – Energy Project: AceCo Precision Manufacturing produces various precision parts and tools utilizing expensive high tech equipment and machinery.  Fulcher Engineering team members were part of the team that audited these facilities and developed an extremely innovative energy saving measure list.
 IMG_3401  VA Cemetery Administration Building Energy Modeling:  Performed energy modeling, energy calculations, HVAC system analysis, total cost of ownership analysis, and project cash flow analysis for addition of a VRV system.
 Grand Prarie Energy Model  International Leadership of Texas:   Energy modeling for building a new 78,000 square foot boarding school in Grand Prairie Texas. Fulcher Engineering was hired to perform an energy model on the school and provide estimated annual energy consumption and estimated annual utility costs and compare that to what switching equipment over to natural gas would cost.

**Above is a small sample of projects Fulcher Engineering Staff have worked on. Some of these projects have been completed under previous employment.