2012 City Light Christmas Card Event

For our Christmas cards, we decided partner with City Light Women and Children’s Shelter – After School Program and send really unique and meaningful cards this year.  We donated all the supplies for the kids to help design our Christmas cards.  We were overwhelmed with their enthusiasm to participate, and the uniqueness of each card.  Kids from the ages of 6 -16 participated and seemed to enjoy letting their creativity take over.  Although all the kids “won” in this situation by our donation we selected the following cards as winners of our coloring contest, and they were allowed to choose a prize from the gift room.  For each reproduction of the cards, we donated $1 directly to the City Light Women and Children’s shelter to benefit this after school program.

If you aren’t familiar with this organization already, we encourage you to visit their website, schedule a tour, or just call them on the phone to learn about their services.  It will amaze you to learn the amount of love that is poured out from the City Light Women’s shelter staff and volunteers to the many homeless women and children in the Treasure Valley.  It is difficult to hear the stories of the women and children that the facility serves each year.  However, you leave with an understanding that the women will be served and ministered to in a loving and safe environment and have the best chance at turning their situation around in a positive environment.


About Boise Rescue Mission’s City Light Home for Women and Children

City Light Home for Women and Children offers shelter, food, counseling and more to women and children in need in the Treasure Valley, Idaho.

City Light Home for Women and Children was opened in 2000 to serve the needs of Boise’s most vulnerable homeless. City Light offers free meals and emergency shelter to women and their children, as well as counseling and other assistance as needed. This building also houses the New Life Program for women, the Mission’s twelve to eighteen month discipleship and addiction recovery program.

  • shelter for homeless women and children
  • drug addiction recovery services
  • three meals a day for anyone in need
  • transitional housing

Emergency Shelter: (208) 368-9901

General info: info@boiserm.org or  www.boiserm.org

Business Hours:  Open to women and children in need at all hours.